Posted by: Saud | October 5, 2008

Irony of Life – The Man’s Purpose

A man tries to shape his world around him according to his ideas. These ideas often conflict with others’. In the conflict, the man looses his senses and does the unthinkable, the most uncivil act to fulfill his selfish desires.

What a pity.

If the man only knew what the price of his ideas and life were in the realm of this world compared to others’. The life that never was much of his own to begin with. The life that was given to him by his creator; tested and tired again and again by his creator, only to be returned to his creator. Man thought it was the other man’s ideas and thoughts he was supposed to conquer.

What a pity.

If man only understood that it was himself he was supposed to listen, fight and conquer. If only the man could keep a hold on his senses, understand the purpose of his life, and recognize the higher order of life; if only he could recognize his creator. He would live in peace with his ideas.

Posted by: Saud | September 27, 2008

True Reflection

The state of affairs of a society is merely a reflection of the people of that society.

Posted by: Saud | September 20, 2008

Browser War 2

People thought the browser war was a thing of the past. NOT ANY MORE!!

It started off with Firfox taking out their 3.0 version (best ever so far) with a bang. They made  “the download day” a record breaking stuff. Mozilla has been growing ever since they’ve started, and from the looks of it, they are doing a lot of the things right. With their plug-ins, their add-ons, their tabbed interface, and their simplicity they have become a very strong competitors in the browser industry.

Then recently, GOOGLE proposed that browsers needed to be better. They needed to be simpler, user friendly and most important of all, powerful enough to load the websites of the new age with speed. And their answer to all of that was, CHROME – beta. Interestingly enough, all of the Google sites worked really well, but that was it. They have problems with java scripts, frequent crashes (competing with Windows) and an overly simplified design and with all of this they think that they have the answer to what the world needs with Web 2.0. For now they claim that this is just a BETA version. When they do go for a full launch, hopefully things will be better.

Microsoft has always been a dominant player in the web browser industry; only because it came in with the windows operating system. This highly criticized move led to the Netscape going open source and eventually changing into Mozilla. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the winner of the first Browser war successfully created its huge niche. That doesn’t go to say anything about how good or bad it is. Since it was just a default browser that came with the Windows OS, the layman user used it without a second thought.
The latest news is, Microsoft has introduced IE 8.0. This is MS answer to the Web 2.0 needs. Highly simplistic in style, yet looks a lot like Firfox and Chrome but together in a blender. Writing this post, I can already see a lot of bugs which they have introduced. Don’t know what more they have added to it. I am expecting more bugs since its a Microsoft product, but for now they too are hiding behind the BETA release.

Once there was Opera. It tried to enter the browser market. It brought along some interesting concepts, but due to the lack of user friendliness it didn’t make much of an impact. I am not going to say much about this one partially because I haven’t used it much. I once installed it, then uninstalled it after a few hrs. Latest news from different sources is, they don’t have much of a niche.

Macintosh also came in the browser market with its Safari. However, it hasn’t made much of an impact in the market. Again I used it once. Didn’t like it much. Was way too “MACish”, so i just left it at that. It comes as a default browser with every mac  : )  and MACers seem to be happy with it.

So with IE 8.0 – beta, Chrome – Beta, and Firfox 3.0, the browser war 2 begins. Firefox, which seems to be the best technically and with their experience in the market which they have, is my favorite to win this war. Microsoft has reshaped the IE, but with their history of bugs and crashes, I don’t expect much. Chrome is going to be a tough competitor only because of the GOOGLE power. It will be interesting to see how Chrome shapes up being opensouce and having the backing of Google. Chrome has already found itself tempered with, with the unofficial ports of it running on Linux and Mac. I predict there will be several different versions of chrome in days to come.


Posted by: Saud | February 1, 2009

of Online Storage and Sync Apps

I’ve been waiting for something like this to come for ages (I have no idea why i didn’t work on it myself: i guess one can’t do everything :p).
Anyhow, with the ever growing usage of the internet on various devices, one really needs to keep their files and folders in sync through out their “internet devices”. I’ve got 3 systems which i use, my desktop at home, my office laptop and my office pc.
With online storage available on all three, gone are the days when I’d have to carry a USB everywhere and hoped that it didn’t get infected with a virus (that is if i’d remember to keep it with me all the time). All I have to do now is just copy the files in a particular folder and thats it; its as easy as that. With my 512K connection, it doesn’t take much to upload files.

Some of the easy-to-use apps that I am using for online storage are DropBox and Zumo Drive.
Dropbox gives u 2GB free space; then they start charging you (this reminds me of the days when hotmail and yahoo would charge for more storage for mail space 😛 ).  I bet over time, storage space wouldn’t be an issue in this scenario as well. For now, 2 GB is good enuf. After Installing it, it creates a particular folder where you can put your files and folders for syncing. The neat part is, its available for Windows, macs and Linux as well. The not so neat part is you cannot view your files through the browser and rather you have to install dropbox to your pc so that all files can be downloaded on it.

Lately I’ve started using Zumo Drive. Its fast and efficient. It creates a 1GB drive on your system which you can use. They claim that files are not downloaded until one specificly downloads them, only an image of the file will be available. You can also use the browser to view your files and share them, its a neat interface that they have given. It will sync your iPhone and iTunes as well.  However, I didn’t see anywhere where i can install this for Linux. Hence i’m assuming that it works for macs and windows (since they support iTunes and iPhones). Overall, its an efficient way of accessesing your files.

This one other tool which I use to sync my browser (FireFox) and that is FoxMarks. Its a neat tool that manages your bookmarks and make them available on all pcs where you have foxmarks added on to your firefox. Hence if i do any searches on my home desktop, i just add a bookmark to them, and it become available on my office pc as well. This really helps me manage my bookmarks and for once I don’t have to maintain multiple backups of’em if I choose to format any system. So, i really suggest people try it.

I waiting for G-Drive to come. Will check it out and writeup on it soon.

Posted by: Saud | January 28, 2009

Prism, Cookies

I was trying out Prism – by Mozilla.  Neat stuff.
It enables you to convert web apps into desktop apps. Its pretty handy in case you are using GMAIL (esp when GMAIL offline support will start).

Anyways, I ended up getting a corrupt session for GMAIL and was getting the following error:
“Redirection limit for this URL exceeded. Unable to load the requested page. This may be caused by cookies that are blocked”.

In XP, go to Document Settings and which ever user you are using. Go to Application DataPrismGmailProfiles.
Here you will see a folder with a weird name; open the folder. The ciminal cookie file is “cookies.sqlite”. DELETE THIS. Open up the gmail desktop application again, and it’ll start working.
Hope this helps : )

Posted by: Saud | September 12, 2008


I have often wondered what leads a person to be totally oblivious to his/her own prejudice while he/she enforces their views onto others (with all sincerity).

“New steps to reduce oil consumption: Two weekly off days, petrol pumps to close on Fridays” – DAWN 08-Sept-08.

In order to reduce the oil consumption, the govt. has finally come up with an ingenious (read mastermind) plan which is a real breakthrough. To restrict consumption, restrict distribution; isn’t that simple and wonderful. When people won’t have any oil on Friday, they will consume less (somehow..), hence consumption will go down (depending on the ‘somehow;); the country’s oil worries have been solved 🙂 (again…somehow).

This gets better. The govt has also introduced another holiday hoping that people would stay home and save on oil. This is like icing on the cake. (Any more brilliant plans like these and i’m sure the day is not far when Pakistan will be exporting oil).

Dilbert should be learning a thing or two from this govt.

Posted by: Saud | September 7, 2008

…the new democratic government of criminals ….

Well, its 6th Sept 2008 and now our newly elected democratic government is complete with the new President and the Prime Minister. Its worth noting that both have spent some substantial time behind bars; no, its not like Nelson Mandela, these guys have legitimate criminal records.

Ironically, they are the democratically elected rulers of the state. That goes a long way in describing the people of Pakistan….at least a majority of them.

If i were to put it in one sentence….
“the majority of the Pakistani population chose criminals to rule them” …..and as a colleague at work recently reminded me…this is the ‘land of the pure’.

Posted by: Saud | July 9, 2007

My Country – a blessing or a curse

I’ve had this on my mind for a long time now, think i ought to put it in words…for the record.

Lookin that the state of my beloved country I cannot help to think why, how, who and when?

Let’s start with the current day situation. We have a few hundred men in a mosque, so to say fighting for religion. Yet they claimed innocent lives, burned the surrounding buildings, abducted people, took law into their own hands and have created an atmosphere of unease, unpleasent to most; that is not what the religion preaches. The men inside claim that the govt is at fault for not enforcing the islamic law. This has led them to take a hard-line approach to take matters into their own hands and challenge the govt.

Partially, they are right in claiming that islamic law does not exist in this nation..or at least its implementation. However, their actions don’t support what they stand for.

So, the question in my mind arises is why isn’t there an implementation of the islamic law when root cause of the creation of this nation was islam. We have brothels almost everywhere and no one is doing anything to stop their growth. By lookin at what is being portrayed by the media, one can’t say that this is an islamic state. The morals values displayed by the actions of the common man go against what is preached in islam. The leaders are the most corrupt people the world has ever seen.

My question is, when did this happen? how did it happen? who made this happen? and why did it happen.

A lot of answers are found when I look at the creation of this nation. Muslims were gathered from all across the indian sub-continent to establish an Islamic State. Yet the founder termed it as a place where all ‘muslims are free to practice their religion’ and termed the nation as a ‘secular state’. So that’s why we don’t have an islamic law. The founder was not sincere with his people; that’s the only conclusion one can come up to looking that the entire movement of muslims and then reading his remarks. Had he declared it an islamic state, the non muslims would have been subjected to islamic laws. but then, other the other hand, Jinnah really wanted muslims to have a nation where they could practice religious freedom.

His two ideas are contradicting each other because if he really wanted muslims to freely practice their religion, than that would have meant that the laws of the land would have been in accordance to islamic rules. And had that happen, the non muslims would have been subject to them. On the other hand he made it a secular state, so then the laws were going to be neutral (not islamic) ; well if the laws are not in accordance with the islamic law, then how is such a big majority supposed to live n practice their religion. In this case, nothing would have changed cuz in pre-partition times, the laws weren’t based on islam and yet muslims were subject to them; so what exactly was the point of creating this nation?

So, why did this happen?

lets see….in 1942, elections were held n Muslim League lost big time. Pakistan as a nation was no more than a hazy dream. The landlords didn’t favor Jinnah or his movement. Then the Congress decided that all the land owned by the landlords would be taken by state n would be distributed to the farmers, hence ending feudalism. This didn’t go pretty well with the muslim feudal lords and in order to retain their lands, they changed their stance and gave a land slide victory to the Muslim League. They joined together where the muslims were in majority and that part inevitably became part of Pakistan. The support by the landlords was the critical reason that Pakistan came into being. So, in reality, Pakistan came into being because the landlords did not want to loose their lands and power; not because muslims wanted a country of their own which is what commonly professed.

So in reality, islam was just used as an excuse to create a nation. At the back end, the politics of the movement was totally different.

The question arises, why Jinnah went all the way to join these landlords in creating a separate nation. Did he not know the characteristics and the background of people he was associating with? Did he not foresee that if ‘greed for land and power’ would be the main force in the creation of a country, then what this force would do after the creation?

Well, we know that he was a part of the Congress before joining the muslim league. We also know he was the highest paid muslim lawyer at his time. Everyone knows he had a huge ego. Well, the Congress had hindu majority. Jinnah really couldn’t get his way over there. There are claims that he went all the way to threaten breaking then India India when he left the Congress. Muslim League provided a platform where he could do exactly that.He was a muslim, he knew that there was a islamic movement going on.

Hence, all of this goes a long way in explaining the state in which my country is in. Had the creators of this nation been sincere to the cause, we might not be facin this sad situation where a group had to take extream meassures to live with the laws that this nation was originally carved out for.

Posted by: Saud | April 23, 2007

My Encounter with FC6

I’ve had this on my mind for quite some time now, but been very lazy to write anything down.

It’s only fair that since I started blogging (commenting on others blogs) cuz of FC6, that I write something about it.

Yes, I’ve tried it. I installed it…all the 5 CD…..and I found something very very awkward. MY FRIEND WAS RIGHT IN A LOT OF ASPECTS. FC6 is simply ….HORRIBLE!!!

It doesn’t have a “Select All packages” option that it did in FC4.

It doesn’t work properly.

The UI is hideous.

…n well…they seem to have put the console on the background…tried to hide it so to attract NORMAL HOME USERS who don’t want to see the console, and only windows. PATHETIC!!!

I couldn’t get my HP printer to work with it, while it worked fine with FC4.

Sound was problem when it wasn’t before.

Its more of a degraded version of Fedora Core than an upgraded version cuz, these problems should have not occurred.

….with so many things screwed up, within hours I HAD TO SHIFT BACK TO FC4.

The experience was just HORRIBLE!!! All the hype, all the excitement, all the hours of waiting, all the bits downloaded, all the cd used to get a good working copy of FC6….all of those n tons more that I cannot find the words to describe…GONE OUT THE WINDOW!!!

I guess I’ll stay with FC4 for a while now.

Ayaz, if you ever read this, I confess, there are a billion things wrong with FC6 and its installations. In a lot of things that you wrote on ur blog, you were right…except for NOT HAVING THE 5th CD …..on that I still say…dude…what were u thinking.

Hence, my enthusiasm about trying new OS has plummeted down to the oceans bed lying right besides the Black Perl n Captain Jack Sparrow.

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